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The Smarter Way to Boost Your Dog with the Raw Diet Nature Intended

One of the great things about managing a members site for discounts on pet related products and services is the samples we receive in the mail to share with our pups. This opens the door for an opportunity to write an honest review, with TruDog® being a product I am excited to tell you all about. Some people have jumped on the raw diet bandwagon with their pet, while others do not have the money, or the time (raising my hand because feels like time is so limited these days). So, an exciting and healthy alternative is to supplement my pet’s diet with TruDog®’s food topper. They kindly sent me Fortify Me, the daily digestive omega booster.

So, what is TruDog®?

  • Founder Lori R. Taylor. Lori started TruDog® by TruPet after experiencing every pet parent’s worst fear when her 4-legged fur baby, Truman, was diagnosed with a terminal illness at a young age. Ultimately Truman succumbed to his illness and Lori’s Mom guilt set in: where did she go wrong, what could she have done differently? She determined the food she had been feeding Truman wasn’t up to par for even human consumption and  knew she had to come up with something for the market to help owners provide their dogs with the raw diet they were intended to eat. So, she created TruDog® in honor of Truman.
  • TruDog® Products. TruDog® by TruPet products offer nourishing freeze-dried raw dog food, dog food toppers, supplements, and a wide variety of limited ingredients- oftentimes only one ingredient- treats. They also offer products to help with dental care, and supportive information on their site to combat bad breath.
  • Why Choose Freeze Dried Dog Food. Dogs natural tendencies are to eat raw, real meat. Dogs crave a mixture of vital organs, blood and bones. While this doesn’t sound too appetizing to most humans, our pets see raw food as we see a large piece of chocolate cake. TruDog® offers a way to give our pets a superfood that is nutritious, and gives owners the power to feed raw without the thaw.
  • How to Introduce TruDog® to Your Pet. While most stores do not carry raw dog food, preparing ahead of time is key. Placing your order with TruDog® will guarantee you will have product on hand to offer your pet. Making the transition slowly is key, sometimes over the course of seven days. It is important also to introduce a flavor your pet is familiar with. If they are used to eating chicken, your best bet would be to stick to that flavor rather than offering beef.
  • TruDog® Benefits & Facts. Benefits of using TruDog® as your go-to for a raw diet include:
    • Keeping your pup at their ideal weight.
    • Increasing their energy and vitality.
    • Reducing allergies and itchy skin.
    • Reduces shedding, resulting in a softer, shiny coat.
  • The Verdict. Our Pets Love It!! We have a daschund and a pit-mix rescue. While they sometimes have quirky food habits, they leaned into their bowl snout first and went to town on this new product we were fortunate enough to try. I only sprinkled their food with two tablespoons of the Fortify Me Daily Digestive Omega Booster as recommended for a gradual introduction. I can guarantee you they are going to be expecting another sprinkle on top of their food with dinner, and yes, they will get just that!

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