As pet parents, we all want our furry friends to thrive and enjoy a happy, healthy life. However, sometimes, health issues can be challenging to detect. At Basepaws, their team is driven to harness the power of science to provide you with the tools and insights you need to understand your pet inside and out. Join us on a journey to discover how science can empower you to make informed decisions about your pet’s well-being.

Proactive Care: Stay Ahead of the Game

Benefit from science-backed tools that promote your pet’s well-being.
Stay ahead of illness and enjoy peace of mind with proactive care.

Disease Detection: Uncover Hidden Signs

Learn about your pet’s genetic predispositions to oral diseases.
Avoid future surprises by detecting signs of active oral disease early.

Personalized Insights: Tailored to Your Pet

Explore Basepaws reports filled with personalized results and actionable insights.
Take informed actions to enhance your pet’s health and happiness.

Affordable, At-Home Pet Health Testing

Basepaws DNA tests are easy, safe, and quick.
Simply swab and send; all reports are delivered to your inbox.

What You’ll Get with Your DNA Test

Breed Breakdown: Discover your pet’s genetic background with reporting for over 21 cat and 200 dog breeds.
Health Markets: Access over 45 health markets for cats and over 280 for dogs to understand genetic predispositions to diseases.
Dental Health: Learn about your pet’s oral health for a happy and healthy smile.
Traits: Uncover the “why” behind your pet’s unique appearance.

Top Reasons to DNA Test Your Pet

Tailored Care: Different breeds have different needs. Knowing your pet’s background empowers you to provide the best care.
Health Insights: Early knowledge of health and breed risk factors helps you work with your vet to support a longer, healthier life.
Bond Strengthening: DNA testing is easy and fun. It deepens your bond as you learn more about your furry companion.

An Innovative Pathway to Pet Health

Basepaws collaborates with veterinarians, scientists, pet health professionals, and pet parents.
They collect diverse data through clinical collaborations and citizen science programs.
Their unique combination of genomic, oral microbiome, and health history data informs the development of pet health screening tools.

Clinical Collaborations: Research Excellence

They partner with veterinary professionals and university research to collect clinical data.
This allows Basepaws to obtain samples that match specific study criteria, enhancing their research quality.

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