mail man sitting in his truck while holding a white dog who has its paws on a white delivery box

Pet’s Have Happy Paws on Subscription Delivery Day

As human beings, we are conditioned to become excited when an Amazon package or Stitch Fix box hits our doorstep. We either know exactly what’s inside, or we are eager to see what was chosen for us by someone who knows our interests. Our pets share the same excitement. When a package for our pup or cat is delivered, they start dancing in circles either while standing in open space or doing figure-8’s around our legs. So what is it about these boxes that are interesting for pets and owners alike?

What’s the Hype Behind Subscriptions for Pets?

  • Helloooo New Products. While we are creatures of habit, most of us enjoy a little change now and again. A coupon retailer surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers and found that over half (51%)  said they had purchased a subscription box to try new products. So whether you have signed up for a food subscription, super chewer box for your Great Dane, or are part of a kitty litter club, we LOVE trying new products.
  • Convenient Delivery to Your Door. Let’s just say that 2020 probably will be remembered by delivery service companies as one of the busiest years to date. Who would rather order pet products from their couch than walking into a brick and mortar store? Even curbside pick up is more appealing to some than heading into the store, so Yay, home delivery subscription boxes for the win.
  • We LOVE a Good Deal. Of course companies want to hook you in, but they also want you to love their products. As a thank you, and for being a loyal customer, you are likely to receive a discount if you are subscribed to receive a product monthly (give or take). So, yes, I will happily take your 10% discount offering for signing up to receive treats and toys each month for my fuzzy friend.
  • Be a Dependable Owner for Your Pet. Too many times have I been driving home from work and thought, “Darn it, I have to stop and get dog food so the pups can have dinner.” No longer is that a chore. My pup always knows where their next meal is coming from because they saw that box be delivered two days ago. And lets be honest, if I didn’t have dog food it would be chicken, rice and canned veggies to the rescue.
  • Subscriptions are Customizable. Has the pet population in your home increased? Decreased? Guess what. With a subscription, you can customize your delivery around your need. You can also customize the types of treats and toys that are delivered. Do you have a Chihuahua or a Bull Mastiff? I guarantee they are going to be appeased by completely different toys and sized treats.
  • Eliminate Decision Fatigue. As if we all don’t have 10,000 other things going on at once. Being subscribed to a pet food/toy/treat delivery service not only knocks that chore off your list to do, you don’t even have to think about it! Your pets box is coming in the mail, and you can worry about the other 9,999 things you now have time to worry about.

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